Is Your Music/Band Important Enough To Be Invested In?

The music industry, is just that, an industry. It’s a business, and you are the product.  As in all businesses the level of success can usually be linked to the level of investment. Why would you buy all that great equipment, work for countless hours refining your sound and show, spend £thousands going into a studio with a great producer… and then stop there.  Investment in promotion is a vital key ingredient that should not be overlooked.

So, can you afford it?

We always try to explain that everything we do, could be done by you if you have the contacts and experience. And if you are currently doing your own PR & Promotion and seeing great results, carry on and invest your money in something else that will raise the bar for you.  One thing we hear a lot is that people are “doing it themselves” but have either hit a ceiling and don’t seem to be able to break through, or they simply don’t have the time on top of life and every other aspect of running a band, in that case, the investment is a worthwhile one.

Let’s be very clear, you already know that being in a band is an expensive hobby, and even more expensive if you want it to be a career. The stark reality is that most bands have to work full-time jobs to support their creative endeavours, we understand that, and aim to keep our pricing as low as we can so that you have access to our services.

Bands also need to understand that effective PR not only has an immediate effect (‘someone watched my video’), but also in the longer term, a gradual raising of their profile. For every mention your band gets online, that builds the larger profile and ability for awareness, for every radio play or TV spot, these get logged and searched by the “big players”.  Every band needs to work on increasing both their presence in media outlets and also their direct to fan strategy.

There is a 0.001% chance of becoming an overnight success story, so if you’re serious about climbing the ladder, be prepared to have to invest at some point.

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