Be Easy To Speak To!

Assume everyone is lazy – never make them have to hunt for your contact details!

Manners Are Free!

Don’t let easy & quick modern communication fool you! Be polite, say please & thank you… treat others as you want to be treated.

Know Thyself!

You WILL be asked to give a concise description of yourself/band – have this prepared, practised and polished. This is one time you don’t want to go “well… erm… think of….”.

Hey Good Lookin!

Professional promotional photography is not to be ignored. It also doesn’t have to cost the earth, look around for some bands with awesome promo shots and find out who did them!


Be Robots

Imagine that every person that clicks like, or retweets something is a fan of yours – work hard at becoming masters of social media. Nurture your connections and assimilate them into your Borg collective.

Save Your Rant

Someone has written a bad review, or said something not very nice…. you go RAWR! No, you shush your mush and retain the moral high ground. People WILL judge your outburst.

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